comprehensive on-line school information and student payment tracking system, integrated with a security-coded school ID system

It's On-line

You can access your school's files anytime and anywhere. It also has an Offline feature to allow viewing when no connections are available.

Complete Control

A-B-SIS is a comprehensice solution, allowing you to computerize and monitor the whole spectrum of school activities.

  • creation of classes
  • teacher loading
  • classroom assignment
  • student advisement
  • registration
  • enrollment
  • student payment tracking

Project your School Identity

A-B-SIS allows the school to create its own school profile and school logo, and modify the website to reflect the school colors.

Security-Coded ID System

Integrated ID System with the following features:

  • picture confirmation
  • database cross checking
  • verification and data logging of entries and exits at the school's gates


provided with backups, archives, passwords and encryption


A-B-SIS is maintenance-free for the school. We'll do all the technical upkeep.

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